About Me and This Blog

Me, and You

I’m horrible at small talk. It often begins with, “so what do you do?” I get it. It’s an easy glimpse into someone’s life, a starting point. Still, what I “do” (work as an editor) is not who I am. And I could also say I am a mother, I am a writer, I am a vegan, etc., and all of those labels would give you about as much of an idea of me as a few minutes of small talk might. But there is obviously little nuance in labels; we are all bigger than all our labels stacked up together. So I hope you get to know me a little more through my writing, and I’d be happy to know you too, if you leave me a comment or send me an email.

My Writing

I’m writing all the time. I have an MFA in Creative Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and am seeking a home for a novel and a number of short stories. My work has appeared in Ruminate Magazine’s online publication, The Waking, as well as in Past Ten, and in The Moving Force Journal. I have a short story forthcoming in Beloit Fiction Journal. My novel, Amazing Disgrace, can be found at online booksellers such as Amazon.

My Blog

This is the chronicle of a journey many of us find ourselves on — the search for meaning in all the things that break our hearts and all the things that make them whole again.